About EGS

The Education Graduate Students blog is a collaborative, connective, and creative community featuring compositions by master’s and PhD students currently enrolled at Nipissing University. Our aim is to encourage well-being and inclusivity amongst our students beyond the forums of Blackboard. Here is the ideal place to publish your passions, or bring new perspective by sharing your experiences of graduate level work.

How Can We Enrich Your Experience?

Each and every student will have a completely different experience, due to the high personalized nature of graduate level work. Recognizing the common threads that bind us together, the content of this blog will extend to reflect the diverse needs and perspectives of our learning community.

What kinds of content would you like to see? Stories and suggestions for well-being? Employment information beyond traditional classroom positions? Explorations of hot topics in education? You name it, we’ll explore it.

Call for Submissions

Interested in participating as a writing contributor? Great!

We are looking for posts ranging from 500-1000 words. We are happy to serve as a platform for a wide array of topics, the sky’s the limit! Images and video content are enabled, so you are welcome to use multi-modalities to supplement your writing. Please contact the blog facilitator to discuss your idea and to set up a deadline for your submission.

Note: Utmost professionalism will be maintained at all times on this site, whether posting or commenting.


This year’s blog facilitator is Marianne Vander Dussen, a first year Master of Education student studying full time onsite at Nipissing University in North Bay. She is honoured to act as your liaison, and will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have. Please contact Marianne at mvanderdussen@gmail.com to discuss the scheduling of your blog contribution.

Further questions can be directed to Michelann Parr (michelap@nipissingu.ca), faculty advisor of the EGS blog.

All opinions expressed on this blog are the sole opinions of the contributors written in their personal capacity. opinions expressed herein do not reflect the opinions of the schulich school of education or nipissing university.


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